TaoTronics Massage Gun New Release: 50% Off for Ultimate Relaxation

TaoTronics Massage Gun New Release: 50% Off for Ultimate Relaxation

The fitness and well-being industry is experiencing a new fad—massage guns that are becoming widely popular these days. These devices are also termed as ‘percussive therapy massagers’ that use powerful and targeted pressure on muscles and joints. This massage gun brings real recovery benefits for casual users as well as professional athletes or gym addicts.

The Science of Percussive Therapy

Percussive therapy is backed by medical science. The human body consists of fascia which is a thin casing of connective tissue. Fascia surrounds and holds every bone, nerve fiber, organ, blood vessel and muscle. This connective tissue stabilizes and attaches different joints of the human body. At the same time, it imparts strength and maintains the openness of blood vessels.

Over time and due to non-ergonomic  body postures, fascia can be inflamed and cause pain. Researchers have also discovered that tight fascia will restrict your range of motion due to the stiffness of the muscle group. As a consequence, other muscles will have to work harder than usual which ultimately puts you at risk of possible critical wounds.

Percussive therapy specifically targets those areas, improves blood circulation, and speeds up muscle recovery thereby improving the range of motion without any painful sensation. Percussive therapy massage guns can penetrate up to an inch into your soft tissue. It also provides regulated speed and pressure on the soft tissue that helps your brain to release tension.

Percussive therapy is effective for a wide variety of conditions i.e., pre-workout therapy, post-workout therapy, body pain relief and so on.  

The New Release: What Sets it Apart?

TaoTronics has recently released a new portable deep tissue percussion massager which is a powerful and lightweight massage gun. This ultimate solution is equally effective for runners, bodybuilders, gym addicts and athletes alike. With an ergonomic design and easy-to-use structure, this massage gun has several features that set it apart.

Powerful performance

The percussive massage gun comes with ceramic heating elements combined with an upgraded high-torque motor and 1500W fast heating. All these make sure that the gun is built to deliver powerful performance. With over 17kg stall force, our gun can effectively prevent injuries, relieve soreness & stiffness and promote the overall range of motion following high-intensity workout sessions.

Adjustable speeds

TaoTronics massage gun comes with ground-breaking 20-speed levels with percussion up to 3200RPM and a stall force of 17kg. We understand that different people will need different levels of pressure and force as per their body mass and physical condition. So, this massage gun lets users set the speed level from very slow to very speedy and everything in between. Besides, TaoTronics massage gun has up to 8mm of stroke length that can target deep muscles effectively to relieve stiffness and tenderness.

Long battery life  

At TaoTronics we heavily focus on ease of use for the end users. The massage gun is powered by 3C-rated 2600mAh battery that lasts up to 10 hours. This suggests that users can use the gun for a full day without the need for recharge. Besides, the gun is made with an auto-sleep feature that turns off all operational power after 3 minutes of inactivity thereby saving battery life.

Multiple attachments

To make it the most effective massage gun, we have designed six specialty massage heads. The design of these message heads is guided by medical professionals to ensure optimum performance. From a greater muscle mass to delicate joint muscle, these interchangeable heads can specifically target every muscle group for faster recovery. These attachments are easy to affix and remove so anyone can use them effortlessly.  

The Benefits of Percussive Therapy

There are several benefits of percussive therapy. Some of the most prominent benefits are mentioned below:

Reduce muscle tension: Percussive therapy reduces muscle tension by applying targeted pressure on the afferent or sensory pathway of the human body.

Increase blood flow: This therapy increases blood flow in the muscle. Increased blood flow brings vital nutrients, increases muscle oxygenation and flushes out lactic acid.

Stimulate nervous system: Percussive therapy stimulates the nervous system and it helps release the ‘feel good hormones’ like serotonin and dopamine. These hormones increase focus and elevate mood.

Enhance range of mobility: As muscle stiffness reduces and flexibility improves after the percussive therapy a person can effortlessly enjoy the freedom of enhanced range of motion. The mobility is proven to increase just after a few minutes of the therapy.

Faster deep-tissue recovery: Percussive therapy with a massage gun increases blood circulation in deep tissue within the muscle. Consequently, fluids can enter and hydrate deep tissues. More hydration means faster recovery from any injury or after a workout.   

Breaks up scar tissue: In many instances, massage gun percussive therapy has been found effective in reducing scar tissue. By improving the softness of tissue around a scar, this therapy reduces pain around these tissues. So, the therapy is even helpful and often recommended for post-surgery scar tissue treatment.

TaoTronics declares a special discount of 50% off on the regular price for this lightweight and portable deep tissue percussion massager. So, you can now get this product at a very affordable price.

In conclusion

Considering the science-backed benefits of percussive therapy this lightweight (weighs only 1.6lb) massage gun is a great addition to your well-being routine. The professional brushless motor of this gun gives you a quiet massaging experience and the LED display makes it easier to use.

Besides, its innovative features like multiple attachments and a powerful battery with an auto-sleep function increase the efficiency of the massage gun by manifolds. Whether you are a gym enthusiast or athlete or casual runner or bodybuilder this massage gun will bring greater benefits for all your needs. Furthermore, with a jaw-dropping discount on offer, it is high time to claim your unit.

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