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This bundle includes the dimmable 12-inch, 6500K light itself, an up to 78-inch tall tripod stand, smartphone holder, and a remote control. The “durable thick aluminum” tripod stand has six adjustable height settings while the dual function light and Bluetooth shutter remote is great for solo operations. The light features “50 different modes” ranging from various brightness levels to five different temperature settings, and more.

It's no surprise that this powerful air purifier has so many rave reviews. Although it measures just a little over 11inches tall (making it perfect for small apartments), TaoTronics' purifier is capable of cleaning the air in a room up to 215 square feet. Its sleek and unobtrusive design blends into the background, and it works so quietly that reviewers barely notice it.

Its 60W power draw was second only to Dyson among the fans I tested, and its highest-speed setting was the second noisiest, ringing in at 48 decibels -- but neither factor is a deal breaker, particularly if you need a smaller tower fa nbut you don't want to sacrifice cooling power.

These slightly more advanced earbuds are just as solid as you would expect. Without getting too nerdy or technical, let me just say the SoundLiberty 97 have hi-resolution audio and strong enough bass for to you feel like you’re in the recording studio along side Future and Megan Thee Stallion. The secure-fit earbud options allow you to find the perfect fit foryour ears.

Best of all, it’s incredibly efficient.“What I love most about the TaoTronics Airfryer is convenience,” commentsJennifer Lopez's personal chef, Kelvin Fernandez. “With it, I save time whenmaking meals since I’m using just one vessel for cooking. And, the power levelgives you a great, crisp crust on all your favorites, from fried chicken toroasted potatoes.” It boasts a sleek shape – so it’ll look sharp in everykitchen – and sophisticated LED touch control panel with presets for popularfoods.