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Media Comments

I never thought I would like neckband headphones until I tried this pair from TaoTronics. Compared to the many options on the market that are obnoxiously large and presumably uncomfortable to wear, the TaoTronics Active Noise-Canceling Bluetooth Neckband Headphones are discrete and comfortable. I found the neckband design to be most useful in the gym.

Would I recommend the 77’s?  Absolutely!  I have numerous pairs of wired headphones that I have stopped using because the 77’s form factor and sound are just too good, they connect to my phone immediately, every time, and the charging case keeps them comfortably safe and prevents me from losing them. 

The TaoTronics TT-BH046’s 40-mm drivers delivers great sound quality for headphones at this price. The vocals in Casey Edward’s “Devil Trigger” and Swae Lee’s “Sunflower” were crisp, and maintained their clarity without getting drowned out by other tracks.

The TaoTronics TWS TT-BH053 earbuds cost less than $50 and sound better than you'd expect for a true wireless model at this price. They offer solid wireless performance and 5 hours of battery life, and come with a compact charging case that delivers an extra five charges.

Overall, though, we appreciate the TT-BH060’s very balanced sound profile. Whether listening to pop music from Kacey Musgraves, jazz from Ahmad Jamal, or hip-hop from Kendrick Lamar, we were able to pick out each and every element of the sound, without the booming low-end that many manufacturers in the sub-$k100 price range tend to gravitate towards.

Its static-free, reliable Bluetooth connection will allow your morning commute to be tangle-free, or if you're planning to stay in one spot for a bit, just plug in the included cable to save battery. These headphones fold up neatly to fit in the sleek carrying case, so you can bring your music with you anywhere.