Need a Space Heater? Get Toasty Warm And 45% Off All At Once

Need a Space Heater? Get Toasty Warm And 45% Off All At Once

There’s no denying it. A warm house can be extremely inviting in the colder winter months. With this in mind, many people may be looking at a few heating solutions for the best option. If you’re one of these people, then the good news is that we’ve got exactly what you need!

Not only does our range include four top-notch space heater options, but we’re also having a not-to-be-missed 20% off sale. This will make getting an affordable space heater easier than ever. Keep reading as we take a closer look at the features and benefits of these impressive new heating options.

The Importance of a Good Space Heater

When you’re shortlisting your various heating options, you might be wondering why you should choose a space heater over the other choices on the market. Fortunately, there are several good reasons for that. We’ve listed the most significant ones:

  1. Energy efficient: Space heaters are a popular option because they can focus heat specific areas. This means, that instead of heating an entire room, using a space heater will only provide heating in the space where it’s needed. Since units such as our Taotronics HE003 Space Heater (TT-HE003)have an auto-shut off feature, the heater also switches off after a preprogrammed time. By doing this, you’ll use less energy which in turn, reduces energy costs. And who wouldn’t appreciate that?
  2. Portability:A feature that all our customers are looking for is the space heater’s portability. Models such as the Taotronics 18” Space Heater (TT-HE017) are lightweight and compact, making it easy to move around between rooms as needed.
  3. Overall safety:One of the distinguishing factors between an average space heater and a good one is how safe it is. Fortunately, heaters such as our Taotronics 24” Space Heater (TT-HE007) have a range of professional-level safety precautions that not only keep the heater safe during use but also include an auto-shutoff to provide you with additional peace of mind.
  4. Wide range of heating:If your home is large, or you have a lot of furniture, some traditional central heating options may only heat some parts of the room. Space heaters such as the Taotronics 22 Space heater (TT-HE018) can easily be used as a supplementary or primary heat source to keep your home or office warm.

The New Releases: What Sets Them Apart?

Space heaters have been around for a long time. That may leave you wondering what it is that sets our new products apart from all the other space heaters out there. Fortunately, we’ve got the answers! Read on to see what they are.

Efficient Heating

With different heating modes, you’ll be able to choose the best heat requirement for your individual needs. Since our space heaters are designed to heat the immediate area where you need it, there’s no energy being wasted to heat the whole room.

Temperature Control

Typically, centralized heating systems take some time to warm up a space and improve the overall temperature of a particular room. With our range of space heaters, you’ll be able to provide immediate heat to your space. The Taotronics HE003 Space Heater and the Taotronics 24” Space Heater for instance, have an adjustable temperature of 41-95°F. Models such as the Taotronics 22” Space heater feature a temperature range between 50 and 95.

Programmable Timer

Having a programmable timer on the space heater means that you can regulate the amount of heat your space uses. The Taotronics 22” Space heater and the Taotronics 18” Space Heater both boast a 12 hr auto-off feature. This means that your heater will switch off after 12 hours if you forget to turn it off. No more falling asleep with the heater on!

Remote Control

Many traditional heaters require you to either switch them off at the unit itself or at the outlet where it’s plugged in. Not very convenient is it? Fortunately, all the Taotronics Space Heaters on our range come with remote controls which means you can effortlessly switch your heater on or off from the comfort of your sofa or bed.

Safety Features

One of the top concerns many users worry about is the safety of a new heater. With our range, customers can be assured that there are numerous safety features to look forward to. Some of the more impressive include the following:

  • Made from V-0 flame retardant materials
  • 12-24hr shutting off feature
  • Tip-over switch off

The Benefits of the New Release

Choosing one of our top space heater solutions has a few benefits well worth considering as you shortlist your next heating solution.


Our range of space heaters budget-friendly. With a few options to choose from, you’ll definitely find the model that’s best suited to your budget.

Personalized Comfort

With varying temperature settings, you’ll easily be able to personalize heating to your personal preference. That means you can warm your room to a temperature you love.

Convenient Control

Remote control options and portability make our range of space heaters super convenient. Handy auto-shut-off timers mean your heater won’t be left unattended.

Safety First

A host of safety features means that you, your family and your pets will all be safe around the heaters. With no risk of accidental exposure to hot bars and elements, warming your home will be super easy this winter.

Special Offer: 45% Off!

It gets better! Our 20% Off sale makes getting your hands on one of our quality space heaters the most cost-effective option. Take a look at our website for all the sales information.

Final Thoughts

With our range of impressive space heaters, you’re guaranteed to find the best one for your home. Choosing the right heater and taking advantage of our 20% off sale will ensure that your home stays warm and cozy on those colder days!

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