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Desk Lamp 048 with 1000 Lux Bright Yet Eye-Caring LED Panel
  • Brighter and safer LED: table lamp features advanced LED bulbs that shine up to 1000 lux while being Glare-Free and protecting your eyes’ health
  • 5 colors & 6 brightness modes: LED desk lamp lets you choose from 2700K to 6500K to suit your eyes’ needs and activities
  • Integrated USB port: 5V/1A smart output charges your smartphone or tablet at their optimal speed
  • Night light: eye-caring LED desk lamp dimly brightens your surroundings, lighting up the path to your room and preventing accidents
  • 1 hour timer: save precious energy with an office lamp that turns off automatically if case you doze off at night
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LED Desk Lamp 13 Eye-caring Table Lamps with USB Charging
  • Wonderfully Gentle on the Eyes: Shines a flicker-free light that brightens your space without harming your eyes; ideal for reading, working or studying
  • Endless Lighting Possibilities: Create the perfect ambience with our LED desk lamp’s unique combination of 5 color modes & 7 brightness levels
  • Functional USB charging port: Don’t sacrifice charging for lighting - built-in USB port keeps your phone at a full charge & within reach
  • Adjustable Design: Freedom to cast the perfect spotlight, tilt the head up 135 degrees & swivel 90 degrees; the base tilts down to 150 degrees & swivels 45 degrees
  • Energy Efficient LED: Featuring outstanding environmental performance, switch your traditional desk lamp to ours to help reduce the electricity bill by up to 75%
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LED Desk Lamp 028, Office Lamp with 1000 Lux
  • 5 different Color temperatures: create the ideal lighting atmosphere for any situation with 5 Color modes and a Gradient Dimming that is controlled via fine-tuning knob
  • State of the art LEDs: light up any room with a bright yet natural LED panel that reaches up to 1, 000 Lux while still being comfortable and soft on your eyes
  • Old fashioned buttons: the tactile Controls can be easily found in the middle of the night and the retro-style design gives the lamp a stylish flair
  • Integrated USB port: charge your phone right there where you need it via 5V /1A charging port that is Featured on the desk lamp
  • User-friendly add-ons: benefit from a convenient 1-hour auto-timer and a soft nightlight function that is gentle enough to allow for a peaceful, undisturbed sleep
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HDL Desk Dimmable LED Night Light 032 Colorful Eye-Caring Table Lamp
  • Flexible Gooseneck up to 160° for multi-directional lighting
  • Mood Lighting Slide adjustment color selection color temperature
  • Glare-free Light 30 LEDs provide a brighter light and do no harm for eyes
  • Built-In Battery Powers the lamp for up to 6 hours detachable adapter and USB cable connect to a power bank or wall socket
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LED String Lights, Christmas Decorations Lights 33ft 100 LEDs
  • Select your light: use the remote control to freely adjust between 8 lighting modes (combination, in waves, sequential, Slo-glo, chasing, slow fade, twinkle, steady on) & 15 brightness levels for ideal ambiance
  • Usb powered: effortlessly decorate your room by connecting the USB plug into laptop, wall charger, or power bank; press the button on the USB plug to turn the light on/off or change the Lighting modes
  • Timer & memory FUNCTION: timer function casts light for 6hrs and 18hrs off automatically every day; memory function adds convenience of use
  • Safe & Solid: FCC certified, safe to touch even after working many hours; IP65 waterproof string lights are suitable for indoor & outdoor use (Note: the USB plug is not waterproof)
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LED Floor Lamp 20W Torchiere Tall Standing Lamp
  • Light up Your Life: 60 energy-efficient LEDs bring up to 1400lm of bright light to your bedroom or living room. Note: Cannot be used with smart switches/wall switch outlets
  • 20°Tilting Lamp Head: Find the perfect angle to illuminate your room without shadows and read without glare
  • Memory Function: Instantly turn on the lamp at the previous setting, requiring no extra operation every time you use it
  • Steady Lamp Base: Sturdy base weighs 5. 2lbs and measures 10in in the diameter to keep the lamp steady on the ground without falling


High-quality and scient eye caring lamp-design set the mood for the things you love – from reading a book, preparing dinner, studying, working, relaxing, or getting ready for bed. Make your indoor space brighter, warmer, and energy efficient at the same time with our fantastic TaoTronics deals.

1. What is Lumen (Lm)?

The lumen (lm) is a unit of luminous flux in the International System of Units, that is equal to the amount of light given out through a solid angle by a source of one-candela intensity radiating equally in all directions. It is the real measurement of brightness provided by a LED light bulb.

2. What is color temperature?

Color temperature is a description of the warmth or coolness of a light source. 
Higher Color temperatures (4000-6500 K) are considered cool while lower color temperatures (2700-3000K) are considered warm.

3. How many Lumens should a desk lamp have?

How many lumens you want from your bulb depends on the purpose of the lamp. For a lamp with a particular task you'll want more lumens. For example, for a reading light you'll probably want at least 450 lumens.

4. Is an LED lamp better than an incandescent lamp for desk use?

Yes. 90% of the energy used for an incandescent produces heat not light. A dedicated LED desk lamp is a better choice for quality of light and for more effective use of the LED. Another benefit for people who work close to a desk lamp, a lot less heat on your face.

For more guides and troubleshooting of TaoTronics Lamp, Please refer to this step by step guide: How to Use TaoTronics LED Desk/Floor Lamp.