TaoTronics LED Bulbs E26 Light Bulbs, A19 Globe Blub, 9W Equivalent to Traditional 60W Bulb, 3000k, Soft White (Pack of 6)

Technical Specification:

  • Wattage 9 W
  • Color warm white

Download :

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•user manual for TT-LB01



As an electrician, the base of the bulbs (A15,A19) is the same. The diameter of the top half of the bulb is 1/2" larger in the A19. If you have a "normal size" globe on your fan, then yes it will work. Google
It can not work with a dimmer
If you are asking about the motion from the blades spinning the no. Leds are not fragile, you could probably drop them a few times and still work.
All Compact Florescent & LED bulbs can be used with normal light switches, however only the bulbs labeled as Dimmable / Full Range Dimming / or something else like, that work with dimmer switches. I don't see anywhere that these bulbs are dimmable therefore they probably don't work unless the dimmer is in the full max on position.
Per TaoTronics: Color Temperature: 3000K (warm) Luminous Flux: 810lm Hope this helps.