TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp Eye-caring Table Lamp, Energy Efficient LED Lamp(12W, Dimmable, Touch Control, 5 Color Modes, USB Charging Port) Black

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•User Manual for TT-DL13

78-84700-027(037)(117) TT-DL13 User Manual.pdf  


I think this lamp would be perfect, for an average size desk. The horizontal arm is approx. 12.5" in length, plus the upright post also can be adjusted as well. I am using it set at a 45 degree angle which gives it a 21" length when measured from the center of the upright post. And the horizontal arm can be pivoted left and right to aim the light even more.
this lamp does not have a bulb its a LED. the LED should last 50,000 hours a very long time. I figure if it burns out I will buy another one in ten years. it is a very nice lamp. I liked it so much I purchased another one.
That's a tough question, whether it's worthy or not. I think it would definitely work for homework. It doesn't get spotlight bright, but it lights up papers I have on a stand next to my computer. I think its best "quality" is that it doesn't get hot. So if you're in a room prone to getting stuffy, this won't add any heat to the equation, which can be beneficial. I think a light with a "gooseneck" that can be bent to exactly how you want it would be a bit more helpful. I'd say $30 would be the "right" price for this lamp, but that's a gut feeling. I'm very curious to see if the $25-$30 competition is just as good. Maybe try one of those, and if it's not bright enough, return it and get this one? Hope that helps a little.
Yes, the color temperature changes from a bright white to a calm pale yellow. The individual lights do not seem to turn on or off with the color temperature change. Light strength remains even.
Per the user manual: 2700 - 6000 K. There's a button on the bottom that lets you adjust from "very white" to "warm white" in several increments.