TaoTronics TT-AH005 Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier with Mechanical Switch, US Plug 120V, 3.5L Large Capacity, Low Water Protection, Contemporary Design

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•TT-AH005 Instruction Book

TT-AH005 Instruction Book 20160601_V1.3.pdf  


It comes with a small cage filled with round stones. I assume that's the filter. It also comes with a small cleaning brush.
Just buy distilled water from the store or you'll be buying a new humidifier in a feed months, regardless of how hard your water is. We've killed a few of them, even filtered units.
There is no way to turn off the light but that is the indicator that it is on or if water is low. The light is only a small bulb at the very bottom and is not very bright. We have it in our bedroom and it is barely noticeable. I think if having any kind of light bothers you, just set it behind something or wrap a towel around the clear portion of the unit. Just be sure to check it as then you won't be able to see the water level or light. Hope this helps.
Depending on how high you turn the output knob it can from just a few hours to more than overnight.