TaoTronics Rock Wireless Portable Stereo Speaker TT-SK12 (24-Hour Play Time, with Linen and Leather Covering,16 Watt Speaker, Bluetooth 4.2, Voice Guidance and Built-in Microphone)

Technical Specification:

  • Bluetooth Version Version 4.2
  • Bluetooth Profile A2DP, AVCRP, HSP, HFP
  • Operating Range Up to 33 feet / 10 meters
  • Weight 1.49 lb / 675.9 g

Download :

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•TT-SK12 User Manual

TT-SK12_User Manual_20160823_V1.4.pdf  


Lasts about 24 hours on its 70% highest volume. Note: Playtime varies by volume level and audio content.
Any usb charging block, computer or USB outlet. Preferably 1amp or more.
Please follow the steps below: 1. Please turn off the Bluetooth function of all devices that have paired with the speaker before. (Or you could press and hold the multi-functional button of speaker, which could disconnect the speaker) 2. Turn on the Bluetooth function of your phone, find "TaoTronics Rock" and choose "unpair" or "ignore". Then search Bluetooth devices, find "TaoTronics Rock", choose it. 3. Try to pair the speaker with your phone again and see whether it can work.
Please check the following: 1.Your sound system is connected to the speaker (If the Bluetooth indicator is solid blue then it is connected/ Or you hear the voice guidance 'Paired' ). 2. The music volume is at audible level on both your Bluetooth device and speaker. 3.Your Bluetooth device is playing music.
I own both. Honestly, if you prefer louder and more punchier sound, the Pulse X is better. But if you want a long lasting battery life, not too loud but okay volume, go with the Rock. The Taotronics Rock is a beautiful speaker in terms of design. I like both but I won't say that the rock is better than the X. It depends on your needs. Hope this helps.
Please recharge it and make sure it has enough power. Plug the unit into a charger and see if the LED indicator becomes solid red. And please have a try to turn it on when it is charged.
The sk06 still my favorite. It is a little louder. The taotronics rock is a little bigger and there is a bit more bass but you can get the same a little more loudness on the sk06 if you use an eq in you cell. The only thing that the taotronics rock got over the sk06 is that the battery last much longer.
It pairs easily with all bluetooth 2.0 devices. I don't have the assistant but my Echo Dot works very well with it and has connectivity for about 100 feet through a wall but its best with line of site connections.