TaoTronics TT-BH17 Over Ear Headset with Retro Design & Leather Ear Cup

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•TT-BH17 User Manual

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Maybe. These are unique that they are self-adjusting headband . Amazon has a unmatched return policy so return if they don't work for your kid. Also the exposed wire (retro-look) might be an issue, if your kid is a normal 8yr old. With that said ; Bluetooth is bulletproof, long battery life and cool hard case. These are easily worth the asking price.
The ear cups are roughly elliptical in shape with approximate dimensions: * Outer major axis: 10 cm. * Inner major axis: 6 cm. * Outer minor axis: 8 cm. * Inner minor axis: 4.5 cm. I am a normal human male of average size and height (5'-10"), and they fit my perfectly normal ears fine.