TaoTronics Copper Wire Lights, Waterproof Starry String Lights, Décor Rope Lights For Seasonal Decorative Christmas Holiday, Wedding, Parties(100 Leds, 33 ft,Warm White)

Technical Specification:

  • Model TT-SL032
  • Voltage 12V

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•user manual for TT-SL032

user manual for TT-SL032.pdf  


They don't specify a lifespan, but as LEDs it should be very long. Also, they appear to be designed to be driven at 12 volts, but the power supply they come with puts out 4.5 volts. The manufacturer says this is to create a more pleasant light (I believe them, and they have a glow of about the same intensity as standard xmas lights), but it should also mean that the lights will last even longer since they're being under-driven. I expect these to last a decade or two based on my experiences with LEDs. The part that will probably fail before the lights is the power supply, depending on how good the components are inside the little black box.
The accompanied literature doesn't say, however they are CE certified which is better because it must conform to European Union specifications. In any case, since the lights operate at 4.5 volts and use 0.1 watts of power you could hold the bare wires in your hand and probably have trouble noticing the charge. However, I must tell you that the two TaoTronics strings that I bought which were dimmable and had several flash settings failed to operate correctly and then died in less than one month. I don't recommend them. I just wanted to decorate my miniature orange tree on my patio with soft lighting for dinner parties and atmosphere. The solid strings I bought operate very well and they are exposed to the weather (as the literature claims they can be). I think they're a great buy and will last for ~ 20 years, at which time they'll be someone else's problem.......oh, and by the way, I bought a photoelectric plug into which I've placed all 5 strings on the tree. They come on at dusk and go off at dawn. It's really neat and my conscience doesn't bother me because the total wasted energy per night is 5 kilowatts.
They are bright enough to act as accent lights. The LED's are the size of a rice grain, so they are not meant to provide general lighting, but would certainly look nice in an outdoor setting. Since they are not designed to string together in a row, you should consider how the length of a single string will suit your needs.
Not in the conventional way- these light (which are beautiful BTW) do not end with a plug. If you want, you can twist the ends of each string light and simply plug in the other end. Not having an unsightly plug at the end of the string lights adds to their beauty, you will see. I love decorating with lights and these string lights have upped my game- enjoy!!
Sadly, they do not connect. I wish they would, too. Great lights. But there are some out there that are powered by batteries, maybe even some that do connect. Good luck.
It has an SMPS power supply so it will adapt to all AC input voltages. You may just need an adaptor to suit your plug. I use this on 220V AC.
These are so light weight you could attach them with a small pieces of clear tape for temporary use like a party, or really small screw in hooks or tacks (not through the wire though) if you're wanting them up all the time. These lights are the greatest thing since sliced bread in my opinion. I love them!