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Can the TaoTronics Remote Control Multiple Strings at the Same Time with One Remote?

Each TaoTronics remote can support up to 5 TaoTronics light strings at the same time.

The TaoTronics string lights have the same frequency, then the remote can be used in common. And each remote can support up to 5 light strings at the same time.

Could the Customer Prolong or Cut the String Light?

We do not recommend cutting the string lights. This action will ruin its performance and possibly break the string lights. TaoTronics will not provide warranty if the customer cut the light.

What is the String Light-Difference Between TT-SL036/038 and TT-SL005/006?

The receiver adapter and remote of TT-SL036/038 without IR/RF Technology, and both of the remotes have a range of 5 meters (196in/16ft) or less.

How Farthest Working Distance of the TaoTronics String Light Remote is?

The distance between the remote and receiver shouldn't be more than 33ft.

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