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How to Fix 2-In-1-Problems of One-to-Two Pairing Function from TaoTronics Bluetooth Adaptor?

Please refer to the instruction steps of the manual;
1. It is recommended that you can change the order of pairing, then re-pair them to have a try.
2. If it is not a problem with the method of use, you can test with two Bluetooth headphone which support the CRS Bluetooth protocols and see if it can work well. If it is normal, it can be judged that the unit is normal and it is just a compatibility problem of one-to-two pairing function.

    Why TaoTronics Bluetooth 2-in-1 Adapter Will Cut Out When the Volume is Low?

    Due to mute function designed for decreasing noise and saving power, it stops transmitting if the sound is too low and below DB level threshold. It is common in most transmitters. If you have any questions, please contact with TaoTronics Support team for help.

    Can TaoTronics Bluetooth Adapter have Automatic Recovery Charging?

    The TaoTronics Bluetooth adapter supports charging while it is being used. If you connect the Bluetooth adapter with the power adapter, the charging will resume automatically when the Bluetooth adapter is out of power. If you are trying to charge the unit with a power bank, it will not automatically resume charging.

    Why TaoTronics 2-In-1 Bluetooth Transmitter Turned Off Automatically ? (Under TX mode)

    TaoTronics 2-In-1 Bluetooth Transmitter will turned off automatically at the following situations:

    1. The Bluetooth transmitter will remain in the pairing mode without the Bluetooth receiving device connected, and will not automatically turn off until drain out of all power.
      2.But the Bluetooth receiver (or that adapter under RX mode) will turn off automatically if it's not connected;
      3. If not charge,the Bluetooth transmitter will turn off automatically and will not turn on automatically.

    Does TaoTronics Support APTX When Connected to iPhone?

    Even if TaoTronics adapter supports a high-level audio decoding format, if the device connected to it supports a lower level of audio decoding format, TaoTronics products will automatically be backward compatible with the matching audio decoding format.

    Why TaoTronics Receiver Can’t Pair with TaoTronics Headphone?

    The TaoTronics headset cannot pair with the TaoTronics receiver, and it can only pair with the transmitter (mobile Bluetooth is equivalent to the transmitter); and the Bluetooth 2 in 1 adapter cannot switch TX/RX status immediately within three seconds after shutdown, because the chip has not been completely powered down.

    How should the TaoTronics Bluetooth adapter connect to the TV?

    1. The audio output port (AUX/OPT OUTPUT) of the Bluetooth receiver is connected to the audio input port of the power amplifier device; the power amplifier device is switched to the corresponding audio input mode;
    2. The audio input port (AUX/OPT OUTPUT) of the Bluetooth transmitter is connected to the audio output port OUTPUT of the audio source device; the power amplifier device is switched to the corresponding audio input mode;
    3. The interface of the audio source device should not connect other cables as much as possible (for example, if the TV optical output port is connected to the Bluetooth transmitter, the AUX port should be unplugged, otherwise there will be no output of the fiber optic port for individual TV opportunities.)
    4. Please choose PCM for the sound of the sound source. Do not select: Auto/Dolby/AC3/DTS, etc.

    Why TaoTronics 2-In-1-aptX Low Latency Does Not Support 1-to-2 Pairing Mode?

    The APTX low latency will not support a one-to-two pairing mode, the TaoTronics transmitter will work with the SBC audio code so the delay will be more noticeable.

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