TT-SK15 Sound Bar Wired and Wireless Bluetooth Audio (with 2.0 Channel, 40 Watt Speaker, 2 Passive Radiators, Dual Connection Methods, Touch and Remote Control, Wall Mountable)

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•TT-SK15 English User Manual

53-20015-001_TT-SK15_user manual.pdf  


It connects to your tv, and anything connected to your tv will work through the sound bar. Definitely worth purchasing. good sound.
The cables that came with it DID NOT WORK ON MY SAMSUNG TV. I had to buy the extra optical cable as well.
on the tv's audio output, select "variable" out put. this lets you vary the output of the tv's audio signal to the soundbar while leaving the soundbar set at one level that you choose and leave alone, adjusting the volume is now done with the tv volume control.
It does have auto shut off, but you cannot turn off this feature. I contacted the manufacturer and got confirmation of this. Every time you want to use it, you have to turn it back on. I returned this speaker because we bought it to leave hooked up to our Echo Dot all of the time.
Yes the battery is non removable and it does include a micro usb cable to charge it