TaoTronics Car Dash Cam HD 1080P Wide Angle with G-Sensor WDR Night Mode 2.7" Screen

Technical Specification:

  • Length 9.57
  • Height 3.07
  • Width 5.79
  • Weight 18.5
  • Screen Size 2.7"LCD screen
  • Capacity 32G
  • Vision Angle 150°
  • Resolution Up to 1920*1080P/30FPS

Download :

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•TT-CD05 User Manual(EN)

TT-CD05_User Manual_EN_V4.0.pdf  

•TT-CD05 User Manual(FR)

TT-CD05_User Manual_FR_V4.0.pdf  

•TT-CD05 User Manual(JP)

TT-CD05_User Manual_JP_V4.0.pdf  

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•TT-CD05 Firmware Upgrade(EN)

TT-CD05 Firmware Upgrade EN.zip  

•TT-CD05 Firmware Upgrade(FR)

TT-CD05FirmwareUpgrade FR.zip  

•TT-CD05 Firmware Upgrade(JP)

TT-CD05FirmwareUpgrade JP.zip  

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•(to repair)Player

(to repair)Player.zip  

•CD05 Player

CD05 Player.zip  


Short answer: YES, but you need to do a few things to get it working. Long answer: Allow me to dispel something really quick. This camera OFFICIALLY supports 32GB microSD cards, but that does not mean higher capacities won't work. I purchased two 128GB microSD cards alongside these cameras and tried to insert them, but they both came back with an error. Even formatting them on the camera themselves didn't work. Here's the problem: the cameras only support the FAT32 format and won't format 128GB microSD cards. If you try to format 128GB microSD cards on Windows as FAT32, you won't see that option. In order to format them as FAT32, look up "fat32format". I used a program provided by ridgecrop. Once they're formatted, insert them into the cameras. I get roughly 24 hours of footage saved on each card at the 1920x1080 resolution with WDR and Sound Recording on.
Sorry, but the other answers are absolutely incorrect. You CAN turn off loop recording, and it will record one long video. I am doing it now.
Dear customer, Sorry to tell that you are not able to view the speed on the camera itself, but you can view the speed on the player after you have connected the camera to the computer. Hope it can help. Best regards, TaoTronics Customer Service