TaoTronics® Bluetooth Barcode Scanner Supports Windows, Android, iOS, Mac OS and Works with iPad, iPhone, Android Phones, Tablets or Computers (2 IN 1 Bluetooth Wireless + USB 2.0 Wired

Technical Specification:

  • Model TT-BS022
  • Size 8.8 x 4.8 x 3.6 inches
  • Weight 9.6 ounces
  • Color Black

Download :

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•TT-BS022 Use Manual

TT-BS022 User Manual.pdf  

•TT-BS022 Use Manual - deutsch

TT-BS022 User Manual - deutsch.doc  


I don't know that I used FileMaker before, so I can't answer directly to that question, but to Excel, yes, very well, in fact. We use it to bulk scan bar codes into spread sheets we were able to code the scanner to insert a "tab" at the end of reading a bar code and it allows for the cell in Excel to be filled and then move to the next cell over to wait for the next code entered. In our case, we scan a case count (printed bar codes for case count standards like 1, 12, 24 ) and then we scan "enter". If FileMaker will allow you to use these kinds of code to manipulate fields for entry, then it should work for you there too. Hope it helps!
It will connect up to whatever device you are using assuming you have it Bluetooth enabled already. Then software like aseller should connect, since this reader is only supplying the 'read' for the aseller tool to work.
Yes, but I have found it to be somewhat intermittent. Sometimes it won't read a barcode, while other scanners will. That, unfortunately has been my experience with this unit in general, not just with UPS/FedEx/etc barcodes.
The USB adapter is only used for a PC however it also houses the driver software. So if you use it on a tablet you would have to context their customer support to send you a file with the corresponding os driver.
No, that is not possible with this model of scanner, at least there is nothing in the manual regarding this. It is very basic. Just scans the barcode and passes the value to whatever device you have connected to it. You will need to purchase some other more advanced model to do what you are looking for. The best you can get from this model is to have an inserted after the code.
Don't work with any computer, cellphone o tablet. I tried everything. If posible too send you back and you returned my money or send me another scan?. Thanks.
Sorry I never have but a friend I know aaid she uses it to scan everything Including online event sites. I would suggest contacting support for this information. They answer emails ver y quickly 24/7.
The instructions that were included only tell you how to enable a suffix. I am pretty sure there is a way to enable a suffix but you would have to contact TaoTronics directly. I have found their support folks to be very helpful. They only seem to respond via email but the do respond.