TaoTronics HD Security Camera (1080p High Res, 350 Pan / 100 Tilt / Digital Zoom, Wired + Wireless, IR Night Vision, Two-way Audio, Motion Detection, Mobile APP Control)

TaoTronics HD Security Camera (1080p High Res, 350 Pan / 100 Tilt / Digital Zoom, Wired + Wireless, IR Night Vision, Two-way Audio, Motion Detection, Mobile APP Control)

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  • 2-Step Easy Ssetup: Anyone can set up the camera by download the camera APP Ehawk and connect via QR code or audio-link scanning, no IP Address inputting or cable swapping required

  • 1080p with Full PTZ Control: Select from 1080p, standard, or fluent video quality to match your internet streaming speed, remotely pan/tilt and digitally zoom in from your smartphone or tablet

  • 24-Hour Around The Clock: Let the camera be your eyes by scheduling surveillance when you are away from home, set up motion detection and get instant notification when camera observes motion

  • Day And Night: Unobtrusive IR LED arrays enhance vision and help to capture high-quality images in low light and night time conditions; built-in speaker and mic allow listening and talking on both sides

  • Choose With Confidence: Support secure wired and wireless connection; Certified by CE/FCC/RoHS/NCC; comes with one year TaoTronics worry-free warranty

Technical Details

Model TT-HS005
Image 1920*1080 HD
Resolution 200 M
Workable Temperature -10° ~ 55°C (14°F ~ 131°F)
Workable Humidity 10% ~ 70%
Size 85(L)X85(W)x120(H)mm
Unit Weight 267g
Storage Method Micro SD Card (up to 64GB)
Video Compression H.264

Instruction Manuals & Drivers


** Amazon Customer Questions & Answers **

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Here are the tips: Settings→Motion and Notification→Motion detection→Apply→return to Motion and Notification→Turn alert on

If you forgot the password of the camera, there is a reset button(a hoe) under the camera and please press it for 5 seconds, then the camera will be reset to factory default, you access the camera via the new password. However, if you forget your account's password, you need to register a new account and connect the camera to the new account.

Here are the tips: 1)connect the camera with an ethernet cable; 2)settings→network→wifi→choose a known wifi→return to wifi and enter the password of the wifi→roll at the bottom of the page and click apply 3)wait about a minute till the camera connect to the wifi successfully before you unplug the ethernet cable

This SD card issue is caused by a special format generated by the SD card. Our R&D department develop such a camera which can format the SD card to a customized storage format which help protect the video data and accelerate data processing. Here are the tips to let the camera to format the SD card: 1)put the SD card out and unplug the power of the camera; 2)re-insert the SD card into the camera and plug in the power of the camera again; 3)set the camera back to factory default(there is a reset button(a hole) under the camera, pin it for 5 seconds).

The HS005 camera has simplified most setup processes. So there is no need to install app on computer. You can view the camera via a link: http://ehawk.hootoo.com/

We are so sorry that our camera does not support any third party appilication currently.