TaoTronics 4 L Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier with LED Display, Adjustable Mist & Humidity Level, and Timer (EAN: 635414200045)

Technical Specification:

  • Water tank volume 4L
  • Voltage 120V/60hz
  • Working time 15 hr Max
  • power 30W

Download :

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•TT-AH001 User Manual



The filter is included with the unit and is an integral part of the cap you remove when you refill the reservoir. It is permanent and user-cleanable. Once every month or so, (depending on how hard your water source is) soak it in household vinegar for 30 minutes, rinse thoroughly, then re-insert.
We recommend clean the water tank and transducer once every month. Rinse the filter with clean water once every 3 month. Once every six month, immerse the filter with white vinegar for 10 minutes and rinse under clean water. If not going to use for long time, please drain out all the water, let it air dry and store in a safe place. When cleaning the humidifier, please unplug power cord, and drain water out before cleaning.
Yes. It's mostly dark. Lights really bother me at night and this one is only moderately bothersome. All the LED lights turn off except a small green light with a half moon and the word sleep. I place a shirt in front of it and it's dark.
When using for the first time, place the humidifier under room temperature for 30 minutes before use. This is to remove any static electricity, and also to avoid damage caused by large temperature difference.
Not only does it stop running, it even has an icon on the display notifying you that it is out of water.
This may have a few causes: 1. Transducer may have too much stain built-up, clean the transducer; 2. Water is dirty or not used for long time, change with clean water; 3. Low water temperature, place some hot water into the water tank; 4. Check if mist level is at minimum, adjust the mist level.
It is normal for water to be in the top of the base. As instructed, this water should be emptied when refilling the tank. However, water should not be leaking outside the the tank or base.
Water leak may be caused by the following: 1. Water tank is not installed properly. If add water directly from mist vent will cause water to leak from base. Please drain all water inside out, let the humidifier air dry, and add water again properly. 2. The lid is not closed properly on the humidifier bottom 3. Humidifier is placed on uneven surface. Please drain all water inside out, let the humidifier air dry, place on flat leveled surface
We do not recommend keeping the humidifier on all day. Too much moisture can also harm human body. We recommend use the timer to set the humidifier on.
We do not recommend adding these. As essential oil and similar chemical perfume have some corrosive property. This will cause long term damage to the humidifier. Also some people are allergic to these chemicals, and may develop medical condition if surrounded by mist coming from humidifier.
31% is the lowest humidity level the display can show. Is it possible that the environment is too dry to be hummed more than 31% level, or the room is too large for the humidifier?
Abnormal sound: not enough water in the water tank may cause sound resonance. Place the humidifier on top of firm surface and add water to the water tank.
The one I received is marked 120v 60hz. The box is marked 120v 60hz (US) / 230v 50hz (EU)
Nominally 4 liters. You can estimate by filling once then top off with a second fill; then pour content of tank and base into a pourable container larger than 1 1/2 gal capacity; then pour all that content into an empty 1 gal milk or water jug. Your water should over fill the 1 gal jug by little over i cup and you will approx the 4 liters if they are there.