TT-PI001 Garment Steamer, TaoTronics Garment Steamer, with Fast Heat-up, 120ml Capacity Perfect for Home and Travel

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•user manual for TT-PI001

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No freebies received here. My son bought it to steam the backdrop cloth for photography/video projects. He said and I saw that it works pretty good. Takes a bit of time on that huge backdrop cloth as it is not a large steamer.
The enclosed booklet says, "This product is covered with TaoTronics product and labor warranty for 12 months from the date of its original purchase."
This is a handy little portable steamer that stays on as long as it is plugged in & the switch is on- and that is one of its flaws. It should have an auto shut off in the absence of water. If you don't shut it off or unplug it when the water is gone, it will burn out. It doesn't hold much water, so you have to be alert-can't get carried away chasing those wrinkles! I wish it held more water so I didn't have to stop, turn it off, add more water, turn it on, wait 90 seconds, steam for a few minutes, stop, repeat above...other than those two issues, it's worthy of 4.5 stars!
I believe it holds 4-6 oz. If you are doing several items, you will need to refill and continue.