TT-DL27 Desk Lamp, TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port, Wider Lighting Zone, Fully Rotatable Head, Arm and Neck, Eye Protection, 4 Lighting Modes and Brightness, Memory Funtion, 1 Hour Timer, 12W

Technical Specification:

  • Wattage watt

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•User Manual for TT-DL27

78-17027-101 User Manual.pdf  


The light does change from one mode to another and so does the brightness . Sorry if yours doesn't on coffee mode. You might have to return your light for a new one.
There are four modes. One incandescent and then three that are from bluish to whitish. I use it at my computer table all the time--one of my favorite Amazon purchases.
no its not battery operated. wish it was. It has an ac power cord and you can us a USB and hook up to your lap top. I like it
The LED "bulb" cannot be replaced. However, LEDs are known to have very long lifetimes. LEDs typically do not "burn out." The typical failure mechanium is a gradual loss of light. I do not know the rated life for the LEDs in this lamp, but LEDs typically last for 50,000 to 70,000 hours before their output has dropped by 30%. 50,000 hours would be about 5.7 years of continuous operation, or over 17 years at 8 hours per day.
I'm not sure how you would mount it on he wall, but it certainly his flexible enough to bend from a wall position. It bends every which way.
The light shines over the area around the light - not just directly underneath, and it's adjustable so you can direct it where you want.