TT-DL25 Table Lamp, TaoTronics Table Lamps for Bedroom, LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port, Decorative Table Lights, 360° Lighting Zone, One-touch Operation, Night Light

Technical Specification:

  • Wattage watts

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•User Manual for TT-DL25

78-17025-111 User Manual.pdf  


I haven't measured it, but it's about 3 feet by my estimation.
I would say it would offer a nice mood lighting but probably not bright enough to light an entire patio unless you had a few of them.
They got the centimeters and inches mixed up on the image. It's 34 centimeters and 13.5 inches.
You'll notice a disc at the top with the TaoTronic logo on it. This disc is opaque and does not let light pass through. You effectively have a ring of light, just less than an inch wide, at the top. Not much of that light goes up. The other side of the disc is where most of the light goes. It's a very effective and bright "desk style" lamp, but it does not project much light upward.
It's not quite as bright as a 100 Watt bulb, but it's fairly bright. So really, this is a matter of opinion.
Yes. It's. More than bright enough for reading, and it's dimmable if needed.