TaoTronics Compact LED Desk Lamp For Kids - Easy One-Touch Operation Table Lamp ( Touch Control, Dimmable Brightness, 5500-6000K, Glare-Free, Adjustable Arm & LED Panel )

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•User Manual for TT-DL24

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from bottom to top of 'stem' is approx 11 in. If part with bulbs is raised straight up total height is approx 21 in.
Assuming you mean a 5V battery then probably "yes". I can't say from personal experience, but someone else mentioned that it works fine with a USB power bank, and it's designed to work off a USB 2.0 port which supplies at most 500 mA at 5VDC, so presumably the 6 Watt rating for the "bulb" itself means 6 Watts at 120V, which should draw only 50 mA (roughly). If by some wild chance the manufacturer meant 6W at 5VDC, the current requirement would jump up to a hefty 1.2 A (which few "batteries" can supply), but in that case, I don't see how it could work with a computer's USB port, so I assume the power rating must in fact be the wattage at 120V.
No. These LED lamps have integral lighting, no replaceable bulbs. The life-span of the existing LED unit should mean no replacement will be necessary.
The specs don't say (here OR the manufacturer's website), but USB power adapters are "usually" designed to work with dual, if not universal (100VAC-240VAC) mains power, so there's a decent chance it will. And if the supplied power adapter can't be plugged into a 240V outlet, you can of course use another/any other USB power adapter as well.
No and yes. The lamp itself doesn't plug directly into a wall socket, but it does come with a power adapter that has a standard microUSB plug that connects to a port at the back of the base of the lamp. (Which means, among other things, that it can be used with any microUSB power adapter, as well as being plugged into a USB port on a computer, or on a rechargeable power bank.)
No, not very bright and only lasted a month and not even used every day. Don't waste your money, but those are just my thoughts.
As it only requires 2 1/2 watts and is LED,after 6 hours I can only feel it slightly warm...it is very bright yet not a burn hazard. The small USB connector is a bit fragile though and abuse can cause the lamp to not work. But heat should never be a problem.
Don't know what the lumens are. I use mine as a focused light when I'm working on jigsaw puzzles. It provides a clear, sharp view. Don't think I'd use it for reading a book, however. I prefer a warmer indirect light for that activity.