TaoTronics Metal LED Desk Lamp TT-DL16 ( 5 Color Temperatures x 6 Brightness Levels, Memory / Favorite Function, 60-Minute Timer, Night Mode, with 5V/2A Output USB Port - Black )

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From the top of the base to the top joint it is 17". The light bar is adjustable up and down so it could be higher or lower than that for the light bar itself.
1200 lux using max brightness setting (@6500 K). Lux converted to lumens (lux considered @ 1 sq ft area) = 1400 lumens.. This is VERY bright compared to most LED desk lamps of this kind (usually max 550 lumens).
LED bulbs do not get replaced. The bulbs are part of the lamp, not a separate thing you can take out. When the bulbs die - after several years, perhaps 15 or more - you have to buy a new lamp. Dividing the price by 15 years shows that it is a fair bargain. Besides, many people get tired of the same style after that long and wish to get a new lamp, anyway.
Well, for starters, TTDL16 is made of metal, TTDL07 is made of plastic. DL16 is a very solid lamp and fit and finish is beautiful, elegant, and strong, weighing 1 pound and 5 oz. more than DL07, though it is 3 inches shorter. Everything works properly and it has a high quality, custom fit, finish, and function. Everything moves the way it is suppose to. It has 5 light modes and 6 levels of brightness vs. DL07 which has 4 and 5 respectively. DL16 claims that it is the brightest light on the market at 1200 lux, no exact output for the DL07. DL16 only consumes 12 watts vs 15 for DL07. DL16 has a night light on the side, I guess so that you don't disturb roommates etc, if it matters. It also has a favorite setting, so if you find your perfect reading light setting, and save it, it will remember if for you the next time you turn on the lamp. Both have USB ports, rotating base and head, as well as collapsible bodies. I think that the DL07 is probably a nice lamp. It all boils down to what you are able and willing to spend. This lamp is, by far, the best looking, best performing, study lamp I've ever owned. If it lasts a long time, it is a decision I'll be happy with for years to come. I also purchased it when Amazon did their big relaunch a couple of weeks ago, so it only cost me $58.39. At that price, it is a steal. It's still on sale for $72.99, but after having it, I may even have paid full price. Pockets are not real deep though, so I'm glad I found it when I did. BTW, I have never owned a DL07, so all of the information I cited on the DL07 was based on what I found on the Amazon ad.
Absolutely. It is a separate function, like the other light modes
I dont know about heavn but I have 3 of the Tao lights and they are all good. Great light and a varity of light. I have this one and love it. Mike
6 brightness levels and two different hues for each level as well as the night light. The one hue has a yellow tent to it like typical indoor lighting and the other has a blue like out door lighting.