Essential Oil Diffuser, TaoTronics 400ml Aroma Diffuser for Aromatherapy (Noiseless High & Low Mist Humidifier, 14 Hours Continuous Mist, PP Build, 7 Light Colors, Low Water Protection)

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I do not have the paperwork with me as it was a gift. But I set it up in my mothers bedroom and on low it more than filled the room. It would be sufficient for a kitchen plus would waft into the next room. It has a low and high setting. Sorry, that is the best I can tell you. I do not have anything to compare it to as it is the first one I purchased but I was pleased.
Hi Butterfly, as TaoTronics stand by our products, we provide you 12-Months free warranty with extended 6 Months if you have registered on our official website. Please feel free to contact us if it is defective.
No; they just hold more water. They do have a timer set; 1, 3 or 6 hours. You can always add more drops of the oil to make the scent more profound.
Plastic. But good looking and possibly chosen since wood may not have been a long-term good design decision when dealing daily with water and essential oils. Just a guess.
I have one...there are 2 buttons, one for the light and one for the diffuser. When the light is off and just the diffuser is on, the light is barely noticeable. When the light is on, of course it's bright enough to keep someone who is light sensitive awake. I sleep with the light and diffuser running.
That's basically what it is, yes. You can use water only or water and essential oils, but make sure the oils are pure.