TT-AH004 Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier with LED Display, TaoTronics Ultrasonic Humidifiers for bedroom with Large 5L/1.35 Gallon Capacity, Adjustable Output, Auto Timer, Sleep Mode, US Plug 120V

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Mine does. However, it doesn't seem to refill all that often, and doesn't tend to bother me. Try a lower setting at night and it will refill even less often. For me, even with the occasional gurgle sound, this is a great humidifier.
Nope. You can choose a setting to turn off when it reaches the humidity level you set it for and you can put it on a timer too. We have loved this humidifier (and have had many in the past).
There is no filter. Just needs to be cleaned every couple weeks per instructions
The filter does not need to be changed as it can be cleaned and use again. We recommend clean the water tank and transducer once every month. Rinse the filter with clean water once every 3 month. Once every six month, immerse the filter with white vinegar for 10 minutes and rinse under clean water. If not going to use for long time, please drain out all the water, let it air dry and store in a safe place. When cleaning the humidifier, please unplug power cord, and drain water out before cleaning. If your filter is broken or missing, we are happy to arrange a free replacement of filter to you. Hope this will help. Thank you. Have a nice day! :)
This is the only model I looked at,received it about a week ago and like it very much, very fine mist and so far no white dust on furniture and does not wet the carpet where it sits. Also like the fact that the filter is a permanent one. Full tank lasts 3 nights with a small amount left and that is running it for about 9 hours a night.This is being used in a bedroom that is about 14x16.Also very quiet.Hope this helps you.