TaoTronics Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier with 2 L Water Tank, Noiseless Operation, One Touch Control Sleep Mode and 360° Nozzle

Technical Specification:

  • Capacity 2 L/0.5 Gallon
  • Color Blue & White
  • Voltage US 110V

Download :

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User Manual-TT-AH009.pdf  


Steam Humidifier (Hot Mist) Pros: 1. 100 ° C means 99.99% sterilization 2. Smaller and softer water vapor particles 3. Higher Speed to increase humidity Cons: 1. 100℃ Vapor has potential safety hazard 2. Relative smaller mist output 3. Louder noise 4. Boiled water lefts a lot of incrustation which is difficult to clean Ultrasonic Humidifier (Cool Mist/ Warm Mist) Pros: 1. No Burnt type potential safety hazard 2. Higher Mist Output 3. Relative Quieter 4. Easy Operation Cons: 1. Slower Speed to increase humidity 2. Cannot sterilize water if use un-distilled water Wish this help, and thanks
45 days money back and 12-month guarantee Email us if you need further customer service. Email address: support@taotronics.com
Hi, this is Taotronisc Support Distilled water is the best choice because it can avoid mold if you didn't clean it often. Recommend Maintain Step: 1. Each Week: clean the water tank by shaking with dilute vinegar twice, brush the base water sink with the brush, and let it air dry 2. If you are going to stop using it for days, pour out all the water and clean it follow step 1, let it air dry and store at cool and ventilate. 3. Tips: When cleaning the humidifier, please unplug the power cord, and drain water out before cleaning. Feel free to email me if you have more question about this, support@taotronics.com
It says in the instructions that you shouldn’t use essential oils with it. If you want to use essential oils, you should buy a diffuser which is meant to be used with essential oils.
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I don't think so. They don't want you to use essential oils and I will only use distilled water to avoid mineral deposits. I'm sure salt could leave deposits.
I've only had it a week and I use distilled water. I took it apart to clean last night (easy to do) and it was still clean and I used it every day. I wiped it out anyway. I like this unit. I think using distilled water will keep it cleaner.