TaoTronics Wireless Portable Bluetooth Transmitter (Connected to 3.5mm / RCA Audio Devices, Paired with Bluetooth Headphones Speakers, TV Ears) TT-BA01

Technical Specification:

  • Size 0.98*2.01*0.39 in
  • Weight 0.5oz
  • Bluetooth Version Bluetooth 2.1

Download :

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•TT-BA01 User Manual

TT-BA01U User Manual.pdf  


As Snake Dr. said, there is a little lag but its not that bad as I stated in my review of the product. The lag is only noticable for me when I turn the TV up loud and my Bluetooth speaker up loud...then I can hear a slight lag. But if the TV is turned all the way down and the only sound is from the speaker...I can't perceive the lag while watching the show. I recommend the product for sure.
TT-BA01 is a Bluetooth transmitter, NOT a receiver. Plug TT-BA01 in a none-Bluetooth device such as kindle fire, iPod, TV set, CD player,etc. Then it will pair with your stereo Bluetooth headphone/Speaker automatically during the pairing process.
Haven't used two...but it should work. Each one should have unique connectivity. I use a Y adapter giving me the ability to use headphones at the same time. There is just a SLIGHT lag. Only perceivable if you have the TV speakers on at the same time you're using the TT-BA01. If you turn the TV speakers off (I use it to drive some Bose bluetooth speakers). You can't perceive the delay with speaking parts, etc.
The upgrade version of TTT-BA01 has a more user-friendly design of LED light and button. The LED light is weaker so it won't be a disturbing when you use it at night and it can be charged with micro port. With different material, the connector wire of this device is more durable!
It will work, but I've noticed a small lag in communication which results in lips not matching with sound sometimes. Distance from TV results in longer lag.
I leave both of mine plugged into USB ports... I recently paired my newest one while it was plugged in. I've had no issues with pairing, and they stay paired even after several days of no use.
Does the Samsung have a mini headphone jack? If it does, you should be able to plug the TT-BA01 into that headphone jack. Your speaker is already paired to the TT-BA01, so the sound of the TV should come through your paired speaker. The TT-BA01 comes with an included 3.5mm Female to 2 RCA male cable, which you can use as well. Just plug the red and white plugs into the audio out on the back of the TV and plug the TT-BA01 into them. When I tried it on my tv, I had to turn the TT-BA01 and my headphones off and then back on to get them to sync. If you would like to contact TaoTronics, the e-mail listed is support@taotronics.com I don't know how quickly they respond. Also the telephone number is 1-888-456-8468 #4 Mon.-Fri. 9:00 -6:00 Pacific Standard Time. Hope this helps. I really enjoy using the TT-BA01 with wireless headphones.
Depends on what kind of headphone output you have. In general once you connect up a headphone jack it turns off all other speaker outputs. I have a Sony smart TV and I can turn the TV speakers off and on remotely when a headphone is plugged in.
I tried, the junk never worked with anything, to make matters worse they sent a recall email. Be wary !
The only description I found is the following (related to Bluetooth standards). Bluetooth v2.1, Class II A2DP, AVRCP 2.4GHz-2.4835GHz ISM Band I did not see anything that corresponded to audio bitrates.