TT-SK06 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers TaoTronics 20W Voom X Premium Wireless Stereo (Aluminum-Alloy, Strong Bass, High Fidelity Sound, Built-in Microphone, A2DP Profiling)

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Its pretty loud for its size Its loud enough to make a neighbor make a complaint.
After using it a bit more and comparing it to my son's Skullcandy speaker, I'd say that the device is definitely bass heavy. For songs already bass heavy it was almost too much. I did modify my equalizer settings to test and treble was very good with default settings. So to answer your question, I think treble sounds good depending on whether or not you are using equalizer options available for your device. FYI, I used Sia's Big Girls Cry for my audio test.
It's all metal.. very study & durable!! With rubber on the bottom to keep it in place when the volume it up.. GREAT SPEAKER..
Yes, it can play while charging. Since it came charged and I have not had or used it enough to get to 0% on the battery, I cannot tell you how long it would take to charge from 0 - 100%. The battery is listed at 4000 mAH which I would speculate using a 5V 1.0A charger would take around 6 - 8 hrs to fully charge.
As far as sound quality goes, this is equal to the Anker A3134. But the fact that it has a metal exterior instead of plastic, and that it has an aux input and microphone, in my opinion makes it a better buy.
This speaker stayed paired for me before it died after 8 hours of use and was never able to be recharged. Run away.
I don't know which one has more bass, but I am able to increase the bass volume of this device to my taste by coupling it with a good bass + equalizer app.