[Highest Efficent Hydroponic LED Grow Light]TaoTronics Plant Grow Lights E27 Growing Lamp For Garden Greenhouse in 12w in Best 3 Bands Growing Combination (660nm and 630nm Red and 460nm Blue)

Technical Specification:

  • model TT-GL20
  • Output 12W
  • Color Red Blue
  • Component LED

Download :

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•user manual for TT-GL20

user manual for TT-GL20.doc  

•TT-GL20 French User Manual

TT-GL20 French User Manual.pdf  


Keep in mind that LED grow lights can still photobleach leaves much like the sun can to leaves that haven't been hardened to UV. Don't put the light closer than about 3" to minimize this from happening. The risk is lowered as the plant becomes acclimated to higher intensity light.
First, please check whether it is due to the faulty power supply/wall charger by plugging the bulbs anywhere else. If it still flickers, then the light is defective, please issue a returning request.
Germinating seeds require no light. Just warmth and moisture. I germinated by using those starter trays, soaking the soil with very warm water, let it drain, then plant seeds a 1/4 inch down, cover loosely with soil. Then cover the tray with plastic wrap, poking a few holes with a toothpick in the wrap and place in a dark warm place, checking every couple of days, making sure the soil stay damp. Once they start to come up, then place them under the lightning, adjusting the height of the light as they grow. Transplant when ready.
I think its about 2' but its only good for short plants , if your plants are going to be over 16-18" the lower part of the plant wont get enough light
I would say no - a mature tomato needs more sunlight than this unit will provide to reach all the leaves. a bank of these lights would be good for indoor tomato plants if legal where you live
I don't think one would do the trick, I would grab the 25w*3 UFO from this company and put the veggies in the center and herbs on the outside edges. Not sure how well that would do but it's a much better chance of working well
Plug it in somewhere else as a test (check to see if it is your power at fault). If it flickers still then it is bad and you should return it
This bulb does not emit any ultraviolet light. The wavelengths of the LEDs is in the specs as: 460nm, 620-630nm, and 660nm. These are all within the range of visible light (400-700nm) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Light. Ultraviolet is from 400nm-10nm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultraviolet. There's no need for any eye or skin protection.
It's about as good as a standard mid watt CFL. But the difference is, this LED is like a flashlight. Bright over a tiny area, almost nothing if you go outside the circle. A CFL will get you light over a huge area. Also I found the lumens were not that high. These are very dim LEDs compared to what is used in normal LED grow panels today (5W). Get this as an emergency light to keep a plant thinking it is a certain season, but it's not good for additional lighting or main lighting for growth or fruiting.
if its 12w and your electric company is charging you 12cents per KW., if you have it on for 24hrs/day for 30 days, then you will be paying exactly $1.0368