LED Grow Light Bulb, TaoTronics Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, Miracle Grow Lamp for Hydroponics, Organic Soil, Mini Greenhouse, Applicable to Grow Banana, Lemon etc. ( 36W, 3 Bands, FREE E27 Socket )

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•GL23 Lighting Facts Label

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I do not know the Lux value at one foot. I started 16 San Mariano tomato plants about 1 1/2 ft away and they did GREAT!
It would depend on what you're growing. For African Violets and succulents, ~ 4 feet away. This is an excellent light for the money. Good luck!
One will be sufficient. I had to keep raising the light (hanging from the ceiling) so the plant would not touch the bulb and currently have it at about 12 inches above the plant and it reaches about 90 percent of the plant. Rotate the plant daily, if you feel one area is not getting sufficient light.
face is 4.5" and length is 6" Please remember it needs to be in an open outlet because all the green slats on the side are for cooling.
Some of my lights are 2 ft. above others are 3 ft. above my plants. I have stationary wall fixtures, but I'm using socket extenders to bring some closer. I'm waiting to see if I get different growth results with the same type plants/lights but at different heights. I'll keep you posted!
I did not measure specifically, but when plugged into 220V power supply (standard in our country) the brightness is noticeably higher than from those plugged into 110V outlet (I initially bought one with a power converter before learning that they can run both 110 & 220 V.). Overall - great quality and reliability. Have been using two of them for over 8 months now, bought four more recently.