Bluetooth Receivers / Car Kits, TaoTronics Portable Wireless Audio Adapter 3.5 mm Stereo Output (15 Hour Streaming, Hands-free Calling, Bluetooth 4.1, A2DP, CVC Noise Cancelling)

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•TT-BR06 user manual

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As stated by TT in their answer below(or above?) mine, this unit receives Bluetooth signals. You'd have to buy a Bluetooth transmitter that is compatible to plug into the computer. I recommend Tao Tronics by the way, for all future buyers who see this answer. Great products and great CS
No, but you can use the buttons on the unit itself to skip songs, pause, play, etc... and also on your bluetooth source (smartphone, ipad, etc)
Yes, but you need a Bluetooth transmitter, here is the link of Bluetooth transmitter for your reference: . Hope this information helps.
Yes, I believe the bluetooth device will work well without interference. I have been as far away as 20 feet from the device and it worked well.
When your wired headphones plugged into this receiver, I am sorry to tell you that the function of microphone and controll buttons on your wired headphones will not work. But the mic/controls on the receiver itself will work. Also, you could control it on your connected device like your phone. Hope this information helps.
Yes, Bose QC15 headphones is a wired headphones with the 3.5mm aux port. So the receiver could turn this wired headphone to be Bluetooth-enabled by plugging it to the headphone.
This device is a receiver. It will receive signal from your bluetooth device, ex... ipod, iPhone, android. It will plug into your receiver and should play your speakers.
You need to pair this device to your phone or other devices via Bluetooth and then connect it to your car audio or other audio devices. Or it would not work. Hope this information helps.