TaoTronics Bluetooth 4.1 Digital Optical & 3.5mm Transmitter and Receiver with aptX Low Latency TT-BA09

Technical Specification:

  • Size 2.36*2.36*0.79 inch
  • Weight 1.4 oz
  • Working Time Approx. 15 hours (AUX mode); Approx. 12 hours (SPDIF mode)
  • Bluetooth Version Bluetooth 4.1

Download :

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• TT-BA09 User Manual

TT-BA09 User Manual.pdf  


I had a different experience. I own taotronics tt-ba09, trond bt-duo x and avantree audition pro headphones, all of which claim to support aptx low lantency. Here is my testing result: a) When I paired either of the two transmitters with avantree headphones, the latency was minimum, and the white light on headset indicated aptx LL active. Obviously both taotronics and trond support aptx low LL in the TX mode; b) I paired taotronics in TX mode with trond in RX mode – NO LAG either; c) Then I made the switch and paired trond in TX with taotronics in RX. The lag suddenly became very noticeable. The conclusion seems quite obvious that taotronics tt-ba09 doesn't support aptx LL in RX.
These are not high power devices - check the user manual (on mfgr web site. What kind of speakers do you have? If speakers are unpowered 8 ohm and just run from your amp, then no. If they are powered and can either have optical input or 3.5mm audio input, then probably will work.
Yes, I think so. We plugged to an iphone 6 and did just that. It plugs through the jack, so I don't see why it wouldn't work
From an email I got from TaoTronics Customer Care - Please keep in mind that you can use EITHER the Transmitter OR the Receiver mode. You cannot have both at the same time. Similarly, you can have either SPDIF IN/OUT or AUX, and not both type of connections at the same time.
It depends on whether you use the optical audio cable or mini headphone connection. I have noticed a slight audio delay, so it doesn't quite match the tv speakers.