TT-SK10 TaoTronics Pulse X Bluetooth Speaker 14W Wireless Portable Stereo with Two Acoustic Drivers, Strong Bass, High Definition Audio, Built-in Microphone, A2DP Profiling (Black)

Technical Specification:

  • Size 8.94*3.70*3.58(in)
  • Weight 27.4 ounces

Download :

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•TT-SK10 User Manual

53-20010-001_TT-SK10_user manual_20160519_V1.2.pdf  


The speaker connects on "full volume" so you need to be prepared to turn down as it will make a lot of noise especially if the volume on your source is up. The background noise from the speakers is also loud. Carrier noise. Maybe the manufacturers will address this and make the startup volume " half - way"
Yes, there is a little red light that goes on when charging. It goes off when fully charged.
Please recharge it and make sure it has enough power. Plug the unit into a charger and see if the LED indicator becomes solid red.
It comes with an audio cable you can plug into a device such as an Echo Dot ,mp3 player or cellphone if don't want to use bluetooth. I've only used the USB cable for charging.
Please check the following: • Your Bluetooth device supports the A2DP profile. • The speaker and your device are next to each other (within 3 feet). The speaker is in pairing mode (the Bluetooth indicator will rapidly flash blue). • Reboot your Bluetooth device or the speaker.
I had to get two replacement, still waiting on my second replacement. speakers quit working after using it for at least 2-3 months on average rattle and static from speakers , very disappointed cause it sound really great when it works
Please check the following: • Your sound system is connected to the speaker (If the Bluetooth indicator is solid blue then it is connected). • The music volume is at audible level on both your Bluetooth device and speaker. • Your Bluetooth device is playing music.
Did you verify the charge? Somwtimes mine doesn't charge properly.......if it continues to behave in that manner I would contact taotronics and get it replaced
Bluetooth is bluetooth if your fire phone has bluetooth (it does btw) it will work with any bluetooth accessory
If it has a headphone jack or the tv has bluetooth yes it can