TaoTronics Bluetooth Magnetic Earphones TT-BH15

Technical Specification:

  • Weight 0.48 ounces
  • Type Bluetooth headphone
  • Size 1.14 inches, 0.83 inches, 1.42 inches
  • Color Black

Download :

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•TT-BH15 User Manual

TT-BH15 User Manual.pdf  


I've had trouble finding a good set of headphones that stay in while running and these for me are perfect. They've never once fallen out and I can run for a long time with them comfortably in. The rubber wing secures them really well into place.
If the headphones cannot pair with your Bluetooth device, clear the pairing history by pressing and holding both the Multifunction Button and Volume - Button at the same time when the headphones are off until the red LED indicator flashes 4 times and 2 beep sounds are heard. Now the headphones will enter pairing mode automatically once powered on.
Not sure of the difference but these are awesome! Great buy, fit good and great sound.
First, turn on your phone's Bluetooth. Then, with your headphones off, press and hold the power button until the headphones turn on and then start flashing red and blue. You may be holding the button down for around 5 seconds. This will put the headphones into pairing mode, and your phone should discover the headphones as "Taotronics tt-bh15" and it will connect after a few seconds.
The best is entirely sujective. For the price point they are terrific. Goto a Big Box retailer and try out others. You can find Beats for several hundred dollars but is it the best? Enjoy
Go into your bluetooth settings on macbood air, and turn on discovery mode on the headphones. Your computer should pick them up.
I left them in the pocket of some shorts and they went through a complete wash and dry cycle. I figured they would be ruined. However, they work fine. That was a month ago and they are still going strong. I'd say they are pretty durable.
I guess you could cut the wing off (the rubber coating to cover the plastic of the earpiece is all one piece so it'd have to be cut off). I probably wouldn't recommend it or try it myself as the headphones are kind of heavy and any strenuous activities like running probably would cause the ear piece to pop out without the wing. If your just walking with the headphones, it'd probably be fine but they wouldn't be secure enough to run on the treadmill without the wing.