TaoTronics TT-BH026 Bluetooth Earbuds with Lightweight Design & Fast Pairing

Technical Specification:

  • Weight 0.53 oz
  • Size 14.6*16.1*10.4 in

Download :

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•TT-BH026 User Manual

TT-BH026_User Manual.pdf  


Dear Customer, The TT-BH026 is lighter and the TT-BH16 is of a relatively higher sound quality.
My wife has small ears and we share an earbud each on the plane everytime. We're very impressed with these headphones and they're only $25. I'd pay double at least. She hasn't tried running in them, but I don't think you'll have a problem
Dear Customer, Below is the TT-BH026US in our official site for you: https://www.taotronics.com/TT-BH026-Bluetooth-Sports-Magnetic-Headphones.html
The blue light continuously flashes when turned on to signal that the device is still on. There is not proper way to disable it. Without the light or playing audio how else would you be able to tell if the device is on?
Dear Customer, Thank you for your question. Due to the nature of Bluetooth, there is a slight delay in the audio. This means that if you are using this to watch TV there is a perceptible delay.
I find the call quality to be great. It blocks out all background noise.
Not so much for me. If you tend to sleep on your back 90% or more, I would say yes. They protrude just a little too much.
It really does not matter what version of USB because it is just a charging port. Mine work fine, connect easily and fit my ears.
It alerts you when its low battery youll see a red light flashing, but it turns blue when fully charged. It also says charge for 2 hours for a full 8 hours of music. I leave mine 1 hour/half almost 2.