TaoTronics Lightweight Sports Bluetooth 4.1 In Ear Headphones with IPX5 Sweatproof

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•TT-BH025 User Manual

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I do not know the answer since I have not tried to do that!!
Guessing, but I would say the 25 is older, normally newer models get the next number up. Again, a guess. Thanks
I received a purchase follow-up email regarding this product from the seller titled "Guidance on Bluetooth Headphones" It states : Note: Protect the battery from overcharging, please make sure that you keep the headphones charged by a 5V external charger for 2~3 hours. I assume overcharging will decrease the battery life.
yes there is, there's a power button which also acts as the next button and pause and there are volume adjustment buttons
Hi, I own both of them. The bh016 is more expensive because of the ceramic antenna and longer battery life. The sound is pretty good and louder than the other one. However, on the calls the mic doesn't really have noise cancellation. The person on the other line will hear a lot of the background noise. Battery life last 30mins to an hour longer than the other one. And in terms of the IPX rating, I haven't tried, I don't wanna risk it as on the website it didn't say any IPX rating on this model. But it's built and feel is more premium than the other one. The bh025 has clearer sound but the volume is pretty low. But just get the right size rubber and you'll be fine. I believe this has better quality sound than the bh016. The mic's volume is pretty much on the low side as well, it has the CVC noise cancellation so the other person can hear you more clearly and with significantly less background noise. This has the IPX5 rating. This is a bit smaller and more lighter because of a smaller battery and I don't think this has the ceramic antenna. This model is not featured on the TaoTronics website. I hope this helps!
Not really - or you wouldn’t want to... the hooks are part of the portion that goes in your ear. So yes, that piece comes off, but it would be extremely uncomfortable. They have different sizes, so I’m sure you can find a size that’s comfortable. Also, they aren’t rigid. They’re the same material as the part that goes in your ears.
As long as your tv is equipped with a Bluetooth transmitter that these headphones can link to, I don’t see why they couldn’t be used.