TaoTronics TT-BH024 Sport Headphones with Flexible Earhooks for Running, Gym & Workout

Technical Specification:

  • Color Black
  • Input DC 5V

Download :

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•TT-BH024 User Manual

TT-BH024 User Manual.pdf  


Yes, it's on the right ear piece, the large button that points away from your head when you wear them. You have to hold it on for a couple seconds until you hear a sound.
Yes, and it picks up really good. I have to turn down any radio or tv within range because it is comes thru mic.
I actually returned these because they were too bulky for my ears, but I will say I liked the sound very much, I like a lot of bass, and for the money these were really great. I ended up with another model, TT-BH07, and I like those as well and they fit better in my ear, and sound just as good.
Fully adjustable, easy to 'lock' in place. I've had no trouble with them and very comfortable.
Yes they are chargeable.. it has a 6 to 7 inch phone to USB charger line that comes with it.. Everything is in the little caring case that it has the USB, the Bluetooth and the three different sizes of ear buds you might need..it's very compact and neatly stored in it's own case.. you can also use an old standard charger also if you still have one laying around.. fully charged you have about 8 to 10 hours of talk time.. I hope this helps..
Press and release the up or down button for volume. Press and hold the up or down button to change tracks.