UV Flashlight Black Lights, TaoTronics 51 Ultravilot Urine Detector for dogs, Pet Stain Detector, Dog Urine Remover, Bed Bug Detector

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I actually used it for that purpose and it worked. I wasn't sure if it would but the bonding material did harden fairly quickly.
Mine DID come with glasses, and while not 'required' I found they made a huge difference. Yellow filters out the 'blue' in the ultraviolet light, so everything appears more naturally, and there is a much better contrast between objects that do and do not fluoresce. I was able to see stains with the yellow lenses that were not visible without them.
I believe the description was poorly worded in that the light may serve to detect the SOURCE of an order. No sniffers on the light I received. In a dark environment the light on mine does work well however.
Yes,I did. It exceeded my expectations for the price. Range of light is limited because of power and size but as a naturalist I find it performs at 5 to 10 feet in the dark. Plants, fungi some insects etc.
You would need to use a plastic tube that fits around the 18650 battery as a spacer.
I found that it worked exceptionally well to find cat urine. it even lit up different densities of urine different shades