TaoTronics Bike Phone Mount Holder TT-SH018

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•TT-SH018 Advanced User Manual

TT-SH018 Advanced User Manual.pdf  

•TT-SH018 User Manual

TT-SH018 User Manual - US.pdf  


Most likely yes. The clamp is very adjustable and definitely designed for handle bars of various thickness.
Yes. The Galaxy s7 edges dimensions are 5.94 x 2.86 x 0.30 inches. So 2.86 inches wide. This dock is good for phones 2.17 in - 3.55 in. It will fit perfect.
Yes, I have a Galaxy S7 with a case and it fits great. You may think the rubber corner safety bands won't fit but they do. I even stopped to take a picture and forgot to put the straps back on and rode 5 miles before realizing it. My phone did not move even on bumpy roads. I think this is a great device.
I've only had the newest model. It works great. The phone is held in place by the tense grips that hold the phone in place on the left and right side of it, as well as the 4 elastic loops on each corner. Either one is sufficient to keep the phone firmly in place.