TaoTronics Car Phone Mount for Dashboard/Windshield TT-SH017

Technical Specification:

  • Package Dimensions 5.7 x 3 x 3.2 inches
  • Unit Weight 4.5 ounces
  • Condition New
  • Fit Size 2"-3.62" from iPhone 4 to iPhone 7 Plus

Download :

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•TT-SH017 User Manual

51-01017-001_TT-SH017_User Manual.pdf  


The suction is remarkable! In fact, trying to take it off will be a minor task.
It will come off. I had the same sticky substance on my dash after years of using this holder. I just kept rubbing it when it was hot and the next day it was gone. On a windshield I guess you could scrap it off the something like a hard plastic spatiala. I have one from pampered chief.
This is a a phone holder only. Your Bluetooth will work if you have Bluetooth turned on on both the phone and your auto.
I have mine mounted on the windshield and this is stury. Make sure your window is clean and the suction piece and install with pressure. It holds great.
My iPhone 7splus also has an otter box cover on it and fits. But the phone is too heavy for the holder. It falls over while you are driving. Plus after a few days the holder does not stick any where in the car anymore.
Yes, you can place it horizontally. It will only have one end stopped, but the grippers should hold it fairly tight.
It might. Be possible but then its too bulky to sit on a windshiled, i might work just off your dash board. But then you gonna have a smooth dashboard if not it wont stick i ran into that problem i have a chevy truck and it wont get suction on the dash because its like a roughf finish sorta.
8.2 inches / 21 centimeters If you look at the product on amazon, there is a pic with dimensions and distances.