TaoTronics® Magnetic Car Cellphone Mount for Air Vent TT-SH016

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•TT-SH016 User Manual



There is a round plastic ball that holds the magnetic portion of the mount, so that the magnet can move and be positioned in a 360 degree way. The back of the magnet snaps onto the round ball and then tightens with a circular plastic ring to hold the magnet in position. The round ball is roughly half an inch in diameter.
If u put the metal stick on piece under or inside ur phones case the magnet will still hold ur phone just not as strong, ur phone might swivel on the magnet when u make sudden turns in ur car. If u stick the metal sticker outside ur phones case then u won't have any problems with the phone moving around on the magnet. I put my metal sticker on the inside of my phone's case and it holds the phone pretty good but once in a while my phone will move around a little on the magnet and my case is not as thick as the otter box. U could put the metal sticker between the rubber and plastic on the otter box case so it'll b closer to magnet, if it fits and ur able to put the plastic portion with no problems
It should be compatible there is no size restriction. You insert the metal plate inside the battery compartment or the inside of you phone case. Although how well it holds depends on the material of the phone case.
it's a little over an inch square, the magnet plate for your phone can be tucked into a case or stuck with adhesive. Gunmetal grey. It looks very nice.
I have the Iphone 6+ with a Speck gripper case. The stick-on metal piece fell off 3 times, so I superglued it to the back of the case. It did not seem to mess with the battery. For the few days it worked, it was OK if I had it on a vent fin that was vertical. I was not able to put it on a horizontal fin, because it just closed the vent. It slipped off the vertical fin several times, and when I tightened it further, the clamp cracked. Maybe you will have better luck.
Si, las placas que vienen en el clip sostienen bien el peso. De todas maneras, puedes comprar placas adicionales que sean tal vez un poco mas grandes asi estas mas seguro que sostendra tu cel con el battery case