TaoTronics LED String Lights 33 ft Copper Wire 100 LEDs Multicolor Dimmable Waterproof Decorative Lights with Remote Control for Indoor Outdoor Seasonal Holiday

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No. Each string has to be plugged in separately to an outlet. They cannot be plugged in end to end. Also note, the plug/transformer must be kept dry or it will corrode. The plugs are not sealed. They are fantastic looking and better than before but still relatively delicate.
I dont think theres a way to change them without the remote. As for buying another remote that will work with it maybe you can contact the company and buy a new one? I know that probably wasnt much help but thats my answer
I leave mine preset on low. I just tested these and the entire set fades in and out together . . . yes.
Yes Matt, the remote has several functions, flash (3 speeds), strobe, fade mode and you can vary the fade cycle time,and last you can vary the brightness setting from 10% to 100%.. I have mine on a little 2' tabletop tree and they are perfect, have had them on steady for 4 days and nothing is warm to the touch.