Camping Lantern, Taotronics LED Lantern Flashlight for Camping, Hiking and Emergencies (Ultra Bright in 453 Lumens, Dimmable and Battery Indicator, Reddot Award 2016 Winner )

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not sure how many lumens as i do not have a light meter but the brightest setting which is listed @ 453 lumens was easily enough to light my living/dining room (about 1200 s.f) last saturday during a 7 hour power outage, and when i checked the batteries with a tester after using @ brightest setting for 4+ hours they were still full. the brightest setting uses the 3 top LED's along with the lantern portion (2 sets of LED's) the next lowest setting is the same minus the 3 upper LED's then just the lantern portion with 1 set of LED's lit and finally an SOS blinking pattern. Super cool lantern, smaller i expected, very bright and seems to be fairly water resistant (we were setting off fireworks in the rain last night using the lantern and it worked great). hope this helps.
I have only used it for 6-7 hours and the battery indicator lights has not come on yet. I am using six batteries and there is no difference in brightness yet. LED's have a low draw on batteries.
There is no USB port for this lantern. You might be able to use the recharge battery, but you can't recharge directly from this lantern
It is pretty bright with all the batteries and there is no flickering. It is a great lantern/flash light.
The standard Taotronics warranty is 12 months. They offer 6 additional months if you register your product. LED lights are usually rated for 50,000 hours of use.
Yes, it can be hung. In the base there are two metal pieces that can be swung out to form a way to hang this bad boy upside down.