LED String Lights 66ft 200 LEDs TaoTronics Dimmable Festival Decorative Lights for Seasonal Holiday, Complete Waterproof, UL Listed( Copper Wire Lights, Warm White )

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•user manual for TT-SL038

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as a user I have no clue on the manufacturing, but can tell you that this set is a very thin copper wire with tiny, tiny bulbs that are barely bigger than the wire. They are in line with the wire. The whole 60ft come in a small reel barely bigger than a closed fist! The wire is not as pliable as a strand of thiner copper. If you bent it severely you would end up with a kink. I love how unobtrusive they are. I stung them on my sense, and you cannot tell they are there, even though it is a white tree fence!
Not really its more for special events. You can put them up for the summer season and take them down for winter for about 4 or 5 years.
I plan on using it for our tree which is 7.5 ft tall. I think it would be enough to go up to the top and then down again. Depends on how much and how closely you want to wrap it around.
You CAN do that with these. I just tried it. Plug the entire thing, including the controller into the wall that is controlled by a switch. Turn it on at the wall, then turn it on using the remote control. Set it to full brightness with no flashing. Now put the remote away. You can now turn it on and off from the switch. The controller seems to remember the settings from the last time.
When I plugged them in they turned on, but with the controller there are more options to fade the lights or put them in a turn on of sequence. These are very fun!
It is regular 110. You can not plug one set into another. Just a string of 200 lights.