LED Bike Lights Front And Back, TaoTronics USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set, 700 Lumens Super Bright Bicycle Lights, Bike Headlight, IP65 Waterproof, Free Tail Light and Helmet Mount Include

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•User manual for TT-HP007

User Manual For TT-HP007.pdf  


It is a capacitive touch button, and it is sensitive, but I personally prefer it. My old light had a mechanical switch and turning it on "on the fly" seemed harder to me than turning this one on. The only time it is annoying is if you are removing the light, or adjusting it, and bump the switch; but you just get used to "avoiding" the switch when adjusting and it's all good.
I can't speak to the exact lumens, but I was pleasantly surprised how bright it was. I found it to be bright enough to ride with and rival my 1000 lumens lights.
Seems to be 1-2 hrs. I am not pleased and am currently looking for something that lasts longer.
The headlamp takes any kind of AA battery. The tail light takes one of the wide, flat button cell batteries.
Integrated battery.... It is very excellent.. It has one cord for charge... The port is mini usb
Yes. Two of them. Just for the heck of it, I tried it with 1 battery and it still worked.