TaoTronics UV Flashlight Blacklight, 12 Ultraviolet Led Flashlight with Free AAA Duracell Batteries, Pets Urine and Stains Detector, EAN 635414216923

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I have yet to find a scorpion with mine. Then again I am looking for cat urine. If my cat starts peeing scorpions you may not hear back from me.
when I tried finding a new "lovers" semen on the dollar bill which my husband had not long ago soaked in pee (he does this often but this one dollar bill in particular, did have time to dry) which was actually after he had wrapped it around his sisters scorpion however, which just prior to wrapping his sisters scorpion, the scorpion dove into & drowned in a pretty thick & deep puddle of blood, but I shined the light over the puddle & It was extremely bright I'd say!!!!!!!!! so bright I have flash backs & post traumatic stress disorder it seems, due to the intensity of the lights glow. But then again I must mention that this "lover" was African American so idk if the color diff between him and my husband was a contributing factor to the insane or extreme effect and light intensity i experienced or not.... I do however reccomend this light if you can also purchase some sort of protection.
Yep! I use it after I have company to ensure the bathrooms are splash free. Works excellent on any type of urine and other stuff, like throw up, poop, etc.
It's not the correct wavelength to detect it. After ordering it myself and testing it without success, I looked it up and cat urine is best detected at 365-385 nm. This blacklight is 395 nm, which is too high. https://www.pet-happy.com/how-to-find-cat-urine-stains-with-a-black-light/
Someone had already answered this question and he said it was about 395nm but that's according to his own visual reference and not from the manufacture.
For one, I used it on a area where I knew my dog urinated. I used Bissell pet stain remover in my carpet cleaner. I spot treated the area using the light to locate the spots and that worked just fine. The light is legit.
Not certain, it makes the security stripe easier to see on US bills..