TaoTronics 2.4GHZ Handheld Wireless USB Automatic Laser Barcode Scanner

Technical Specification:

  • Color Black
  • Size 185*127*86 mm
  • Weight 352g

Download :

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•TT-BS021 Language Setting

TT-BS021_Language Setting.pdf  


There are two types of radiation. One is what you think of as being associated with nuclear energy and bombs, and emits particles as a byproduct of atoms decaying. Diode lasers certainly do not emit this form of radiation. The other type is electromagnetic radiation, and everything that produces radio waves and light emits this. Your lamp, your computer monitor, even your body (this is how FLIR cameras can see your body heat in the dark because heat is radiated as infrared light). In this way, diode lasers do emit radiation. Besides the laser, this scanner has a 2.4Ghz radio built in that also emits electromagnetic radiation.
There are volume settings. Search for CT20 user manual (made by same Chinese manufacturer and shares a lot of the same setup codes). It would be 1340590260 to mute (printed as a Code128-B barcode)
The unit is a stand in it self. This product is very reliable and very quick easy to use.
This is only a scanner, not a printer. It will read 1D (linear) barcodes and not 2D (QR) codes.
When you plug a a usb keyboard or mouse in does it work without installing drivers? If so then yes it will work
Wireless is not only the communication between the gun and your computer - it also means that the gun has a battery and you can walk around collecting scans in Inventory mode (to download later when you return to your PC). You would have to get manuals for both scanners to compare features. For instance, some scanners allow you to specify a Scanner ID and include that data with each scan. If something like that is important to you, then be sure that the feature is listed in the manual before making a purchase.
Hello...This unit has a built in battery that is rechargeable. There is no need to replace the batteries.