TaoTronics® Wireless Cordless Handheld Bar Code Scanner - Black, 32-bit Decoder, Anti-interference, Mobile Moveable, Optical Laser, USB Optional, Long-Range

Technical Specification:

  • Model Number TT-BS017
  • Size 6.2 x 2.7 x 3.8 inches
  • Weight 13.6 ounces
  • Color Black
  • Capacity 3,000 scans

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•TT-BS017 User Manual

TT-BS017 User Manual.pdf  


There is no software that comes with this or that is required to use it. It simply enters the barcoded data into the computer as though you typed it on the keyboard into whatever windows and field that currently has the focus.
That would be a question I would ask the manufacturer for. We are just doing standard barcodes.
Generally with this type of barcode scanner, if you can input with your keyboard into a field in an application, you can also use a scanner to input a value into that same field. They are generally not software specific. The most important factor is if your operating system can load the drivers for the scanner. With most newer Windows OSs, these are plug and play. They work fine in Win XP through Win 8.1
Please make sure the scanner is pairred sucessfully with its USB receiver. Do mind finish pairring within 5 seconds from the second the receiver plugged in.
No, you need to pair it sucessfully.
For all the ones I have purchased, it was immediate. As soon as I plugged the small USB receiver into the computer, it made a connection to the scanner. You did not have to do anything. Maybe defective?
This is just a scanner - all it does is feed the scanned code back down the serial cable for software to deal with. If you're coding your own software, you can take this code and do with it what you like.
No ma'am just wireless when plugged into your computer
1d only. The product Manual is available on the manufacturer's website.