TT-BS030 2-in-1 Bluetooth & Wired USB Portable Barcode Scanner

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Standard It is possible to add CR, LF or CF + LF as suffix see page 13 of user manuel I had the need to add a Tab as suffix, I have asked the support service and they send me quickly a specific barcode.
There is no need for a driver. Mac says that it doesn't recognize the keyboard but it will work fine in USB or Bluetooth mode.
We have several of these which we use wired and via Bluetooth and they work very well. We use them to scan packages that we receive from UPS, FEDEX, USPS etc. into our computer system as received. We then later use them again when we enter the packages into the customers accounts. We are very happy with these scanners. Hope this answer helps.
A barcode scanner transform the picture (barcode) in its (alpha)numeric value. The scanner work as a virtual keyboard that sends the (alpha)numeric value to your computer/tablet/mobile.. The scanned value can be accepted by any application that accept text for exemple word, excel or a simple text editor. Some software are dedicated to use barcode scanner (like inventory software) but the aren't mandatory. To connect the scanner the simplest way is to use the provided USB cable, no configuration needed. To connect via bluetooth you need to pair the two devices. - from your pc/tablet... : start searching bluetooth devices - from the bar code scanner : see manual on page 3, scan the "Return to default" code and then "Pair Code" - from you pc/tabel... select the scanner when it appears in the bluetooth device list
The Samsung tablet should be able to connect to multiple bluetooth devices simultaneously, including this barcode reader. You could check before buying by connecting the tablet to both your keyboard and some other bluetooth device you or a friend already has (e.g. a speaker, another keyboard, a mouse, etc.)
I don't know, but in the manual there is mention about an automatic reading mode (see page 12 of