TaoTronics USB Barcode Scanner Wired Handheld Laser Bar Code Scanner Automatic Sensing and Scan Black.

Technical Specification:

  • Input Voltage DC 5V ± 5%
  • Power Source Host supply keyboard interface; Rs-232 external or host supply
  • Current 50ma (working); 30ma (standby); 100ma (maximum peak)
  • Light Source 650nm visible laser
  • Scan width 60mm at 30cm, 98mm at 100mm
  • Depth of Field 2-9cm (0.1mm width article); 3-40cm (0.3mm width article)
  • Article readable width Minimum 0.1mm (4mils)
  • Prompt Manner Instructions LED, buzzer
  • Sensing distance 25cm(250cm2) 20cm(100m2) 5cm(small area)
  • Sensing delay 2sec/per time
  • Decoding Speed 45 times / sec
  • Trigger Mode Manually; Automatic continuous scanning; infrared automatic scanning, automatic scanning support (optional)
  • Operating Temperature - 20 ℃ to 50 ℃
  • Storage Temperature -20 ℃ to 60 ℃
  • Operating Humidity 0-95%
  • Operating humidity 0-95%
  • Storage humidity 5%-95%

Download :

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•TT-BS014 English User Manual

TT-BS014 English User Manual.pdf  

•TT-BS014 Deutsche Anleitung

TT-BS014 Deutsche Anleitung.pdf  

•TT-BS014 Guida Utente d'Italiano

TT-BS014 Guida Utente d'Italiano.pdf  

•TT-BS014 le manuel d'utilisation français



If you have a bar code it will it. Why would you want yo export to Excel? Just scan directly to Excel, this is what I do with my CD Movie collection.
Yes, this is perfect for inventory data entry. I use this barcode scanner with DVD Profiler to scan in the barcode and it will retrieve all of the information on that particular movie (if in its database). You can also contribute for other people that have that movie.
I use this bar code scanner to scan all of my DVDs that I own. I purchased a program called DVD Profiler for the Library of the DVDs. There is software out there that is free (some have a limit on the amount of entries). Look for shareware also. I would try CNET downloads and see if they have a free software package for your books.
No. This scanner will not scan 2D codes (like QR, or Aztec). It only works on 1D linear barcodes.
That's strange. I didn't need a driver - just plugged it in and scanned. It works on several pc's in the school I work at, and chrome books too. Sorry I can't be more help!
No. This is just a USB wired scanner to read standard bar codes to a computer. To search for products you should look at a scanning app for a smart phone that can read QR codes
Yes, it will read the ISBN barcode on the book. I've used this scanner at the local high school when book inventory time rolls around. You have to be careful scanning the ISBN. If you scan in Excel you must format the cells to be TEXT. At the high school we use MS Word, Wordpad and Notepad to take book inventory. If you are going to scan the ISBN number on the book, make sure that you cover the side barcode since it is NOT part of the ISBN.
Unfortunately not. Just barcodes used for retail. Thanks for your inquiry.