Digital Weight Scale TaoTronics Smart Bathroom Scale, Measures Weight, BMI, Body Fat, Water, Muscle, Bone Mass, BMR, AMR, 12 User Memory Mode, Bluetooth 4.0, Smart App, FDA Certified(Product ID: 635414195273)

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I don't remember as after testing it I gave it to my boyfriend, sorry but it should be on the instructions booklet which he also took to his house, sorry. Mine was actually already showing Kg which is what I use. You can contact Taotronics, they have a very good after sales service!
Yes, it will work. You will download the app from the play store. We also have an S7
Weight is measured; height is entered; BMI is calculated from those; body fat and water percentages, muscle and bone mass are calculated using a tiny electric current; I would guess the metabolic rates are based on average levels using all of the above plus the user's entered age and activity level(s). It's not going to be entirely accurate, but if you're just using it for the purposes of tracking, it's great.
No unfortunately like me, you must be above their base rate. Maybe that could be used as a goal, " I will get the scales to measure my fat!!!!"